1. Baba Dhansar Waterfall: 15 km from Katra
  2. Jhajjar Kotli Waterfall: 17 km from Katra
  3. Siar baba temple waterfall: 30 km from Katra
  4. Salal Waterfall: 80 kilometers from Katra
  5. Jungle Gali Waterfall: 25 km from Katra

I recently had the chance to visit Vaishno Devi Darbar from Katra, and later we decided to visit many nearby places.

At Katra bus stand all taxi drivers told us to visit Shiv Khori temple or Patnitop Hill station. But since we only had 1 day with us, we decided to visit a few places that are less than 100 km from Katra, and here we were quite lucky to visit 5 waterfalls near Katra.

Our journey began with the closest one, Baba Dhansar Waterfall, and boy was it worth it!

Think lush greenery, clear blue water streams, and a whole lot of natural beauty on the route.

Each waterfall had its own story to tell, and I couldn’t get enough. If you’re a nature lover like me, these waterfalls near Katra are a must-visit.

Check them out and if you have visited any one of them then please share your experience with us.

1. Baba Dhansar Waterfall

Baba Dhansar Waterfall

Baba Dhansar Waterfall

15 km from Katra/ 25 minutes drive

First we reached the charming village of Baba Dhansar, not far from Katra. It’s famous for its Shiv Temple and an incredible waterfall, Baba Dhansar Waterfall.

We asked many locals about the story behind the temple and waterfall, & got to know that, a long time ago, a nasty demon blocked the villagers’ water source & started killing them. But then, Lord Shiva himself appeared, defeated the demon, and created a flowing stream to give the villagers fresh water.

That stream eventually became the beautiful Waterfall, which today is known as Baba Dhansar Waterfall.

Visiting the temple and then seeing the waterfall near Karua Jheel was like stepping into a legend. Nature and mythology, all in one place. A must-visit spot for sure!

2. Jhajjar Kotli Waterfall

jhajjar kotli picnic spot

Jhajjar Kotli picnic spot

17 km from Katra/ 30 minutes drive

Another waterfall near Katra which we visited is a very peaceful spot called Jhajjar Kotli. It’s like a little hidden paradise where locals and travelers go for picnics.

The best part is it’s not too crowded, so you can relax and enjoy the peace. There’s a small waterfall here, known as Jhajjar Kotli Waterfall.

Now, it’s not a massive waterfall where you can go swimming, but it’s just right for a calm family picnic.

Picture this: nature all around, a gentle waterfall, and quality time with your loved ones.

It’s a recipe for a perfect day out!

3. Siar Baba Waterfall

30 km from Katra/ 1 hour drive

The Siar Baba or Sihad Baba Waterfall is in Kotla village in the Reasi district, and it’s about an hour’s drive from Katra. The temple here is well-known among the local people, and the waterfall is right next to it.

According to the locals, if a couple is having trouble having children, they should visit the Siar Baba Temple and take a bath in the Siar Baba Waterfall for good news. If this happens, they should come back to hold a special meal (bhandara) here.

In any case, the Siar Baba Waterfall is a beautiful place, and even the Reasi district is incredibly scenic for a drive.

4. Salal Waterfall & Dam

Salal Waterfall & Dam

Salal Waterfall & Dam

36 km from Katra/ 1 hour 20 minute drive

So, after visiting the Sian Baba Temple & Waterfall, we visited this viewpoint, it’s quite nice as all surrounding is full of green mountains, and the Chenab River and we can say that this is a man-made waterfall but taking a bath here can kill you.

This is Salal Hydroelectric Power Station, where a Water Reservoir has been created, & many tourists are visiting this place for the beautiful view of Chenab Riven and a waterfall-like spot, which they call Salal Waterfall.

5. Jungle Gali Waterfall

jungle gali

Jungle Gali

37 km from Katra/ 1 hour drive

Actually, the name of the place is Jungle Gali and there is a waterfall here, so we call it Jungle Gali Waterfall. Jungle Gali is a trekking destination, travelers come here for a 1-day trek, and in monsoon season they are blessed with a beautiful waterfall.

You can even plan activities like camping, and bonfire here as many private café & tours are available here, but if you only want to see a beautiful waterfall, do come in the rainy season only.

6. Other notable waterfalls near Katra

aharbal waterfall jammu kashmir

Aharbal Waterfall

So the above 5 waterfalls near Katra all a 1 hour drive from Katra, and the most beautiful one is Baba Dhansar Waterfall. And besides these 5 there are many hidden waterfalls that are not even listed on google maps.

But if you can plan a trip to Kashmir from here then you can see some amazing waterfalls like Aharbal Waterfall, Ningli Nalla Waterfall, etc.

So, do plan a trip to Vaishno Devi in Katra and then visited some of these waterfall sites nearby. And do check out my Vaishno Devi travel blog, where I have shared the latest details for travelers planning a trip to Vaishno Devi.