There are more than a thousand varieties of mangoes that are produced all over the country, and the month of March is the beginning of the mango season in India, which is the best time to harvest and taste this glorious fruit until supply lasts until mid July.

The mango tourism is starting to flourish in the state of Maharashtra, a place where the well-liked Alphonso mango or “hapus” in the local dialect is cultivated.

People gather in the districts of Sinduhudurg and Ratnigiri just to pig out on freshly picked and juicy mangoes.

However, there are festivals honoring the mango fruit held across India, which is why no one can ever say that they missed out tasting this magnificent yellow fruit.

International Mango Festival, Dilli Haat, Delhi


The International Mango Festival is organized yearly by the Delhi Toursim Office celebrated on July 10-11, 2015, a time which the city residents can put their hands, and mouth on different mango varieties from around India which is said to be approximately 500 on display ready for some taste test.

The city of Delhi is home to this world renowned festival which dates back in 1988 in Saharanpur’s orchards. In the year 1991, the festival has extended toward Talkatora Stadium, until such a time in 2010 when it made its new home in Dilli Haat.

Aside from the fact that visitors can buy mangoes and other mango products during the festivities, there are also other activities prepared during the event like magic shows, eating contests, cultural performances and even quizzes.

Ganesh Agro Tourism, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra


Ganesh Agro Tourism which is situated at Nate, right in the center of the mango country lying between Sindhuburg and Ratnagiri has a large farm of organic mango trees, including Alphonso variety of 2,000 in number proliferating in its 30 acres of land.

The mountainous landscape overlooking the ocean is an attractive sight to behold especially during sunsets. The owner of the farm, Ganesh Ranade made a very good job in adopting mango tourism for visitors to enjoy learning how mangoes are grown.

The owner’s wife runs a factory inside the property where people can buy different mango products. The agro farm has five big but simple rooms for guests who want to stay the night. Package which starts at 1,200 rupees a person include all home cooked meals. Traditional vegetarian food is also served.

Goa Mango Festival


From May 8- 10, Goa’s agriculture director arranges the festival for people to enjoy which is also held alongside Konkan Fruit Festival. The festival displays mango varieties grown locally, and competitions are taking place for the best mango in each of the variety, mango carvings, mango products as well as demonstrations of new farming technology.

Baghaan Orchard Retreat, Garmukteshwar, Uttar Pradesh


Baghaan Orchard Retreat is a tranquil retreat farmland environment with 25 lavish cottages and is only a two hour drive from the capital city of Delhi.

The farm has several amenities for families to enjoy like swimming pool, gaming room, and the play area for kids.

Other attraction of the place include boat rides towards the Ganges River to see dolphins play with the water, horse riding, bird watching, and others can enjoy riding a tractor and a bullock cart. A night’s stay here costs around 8,500 rupees for two.

Mango Festival and Farmers Market, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


The Lucknow Mango Festival is an inspirational event started by Jyotsana Kaur Habibullah, owner of the Habibullah Estate Orchard, in 2013 in order to help local farmers and the women who work in farmlands and other agriculture.

The freshest and best mangoes are made available for free tasting during the festival; people can also purchase some decadent fruits and mango products as well. Aside from usual games being held during the festivity, there are also good folk music heard in the background and dances to entertain people under the shade of a mango tree.

The farmer’s market is held every June 21-22 at the UPSTDC Paryatan Bhawan.

Oceano Pearl: A Beach Homestay, Ganshgule, Maharashtra

A rising boutique homestay located on a coconut and mango plantation opposite a stretch of virigin beach in Ganeshgule in Maharashtra.

Be prepared to be served with the finest Alphonso variety during peak season as well as vast mango dishes during meals. In the month of May, the Western Routes runs a Mango Picking and Tasting Tour and stays at Oceano Pearl.

There is also the possibility of picking mangoes in a local grove. Accommodation rates start at 3,200 rupees a night, luxury tree house rooms that are air-conditioned are peg at 4,000 rupees.

Kailash Farms, Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Kailash Farms has an extensive mango groves located north of the city of Delhi at the lower reach of Shivalik Range, Punjab.

The owners lately take on a farm tourism building beautiful cottages and guest rooms inside their property. They also offer bicycle riding, tractor rides, and fruit picking through the plantation.

Swimming pool is also one of the amenities of the place. Accommodation rates start at 3,000 rupees a night breakfast included.

Dwarka Farmstay, Talawade, Maharashtra

Dwarka Farmstay is one of India’s topmost farmstays. It is a modern and dazzling place situated in a 15 acre of land orchard located in Sawantwadi, in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra. The homestay is just around 30 minutes away from the Venguria Beach.

Dwarka Homestay has 200 plus mango trees of Alhponso variety as well as other fruit crops such as bananas, cashes, pineapples, and coconuts, including a dairy farm.

There are also other activities in the place such as enjoying pottery at a pottery village, mat weaving, and bamboo workshops. Room rate begins at 2,800 rupees a night with meals included in the packages.

O’Nest Homestay, Devrukh, Maharashtra

O’Nest is located in Devrukh, an unusual track for travelers which is situated on top of a hill near the National Highway 17. The place is magnificently nestled through a mango plantation and everyone can be delighted of how the place naturally looks and hear birds chirping all throughout the day.

O’Nest has tree houses to stay for guests and also room cottages. Other attractive tours of the place are fishing, botanical visit sessions, pottery making, trekking, bullock rides, and bird watching.

So this is our complete list of Nine Festivals and Farms to enjoy mangoes in India. I would really love to get some more destinations here and your suggestion in the comment is highly appreciable.